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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Excitement is building as the date of the 9th annual Gourmets and Gourmands championed by Hartmans on behalf of Carpe Diem School is drawing near.  26 August 2017 is a mere 5 weeks away and this year guests will be enjoying everything French with a whole lot of flair!  Behind the scenes of all the fundraising events presented by Carpe Diem School is a dedicated team that makes things happen.  At the helm of this creative crew is Headmaster, Karools Hauptfleisch, whose passion to manage successful projects is pure inspirational.

Over the past 9 years, Karools Hauptfleisch has initiated a number of annual events which have become brands in itself.  This year will be the 9th consecutive year that Gourmets and Gourmands championed by Hartmans is hosted.  This event is one of the highlights on the Garden Route social calendar and hundreds of thousands of rand is raised yearly during this occasion.  The Carpe Diem Golf Day supported by Just Property George is staunchly supported by the George golfing community and business sector.  The Garden Route community can hardly contain their excitement when it is time for the Carpe Diem Christmas Market.  This beloved market boasts with unique handmade gifts available exclusively at the market.  The first Onnerridak supported by Just Property George event was hosted this year with Refentse as main attraction and local talent Jonty Hendrix and Wade, and was attended by more than 400 guests.  This event will undoubtedly become another favourite. 

The funds raised by hosting these events enables Carpe Diem School to directly add value to the lives of its ±330 special needs learners.  The need for additional resources at this school for children with special is great, and the work done by headmaster Karools Hauptfleisch and personnel are astounding.  Over the past 9 years Karools Hauptfleisch built such valuable relationships with the school’s sponsors and they have become true advocates of the school.

For more information about the 2017 Gourmets and Gourmands championed by Hartmans on behalf of Carpe Diem School please contact the Karools Hauptfleisch – Headmaster on 044 874 4074 or email carpekarools@telkomsa.net if you need more information on the event follow Carpe Diem School on Facebook at Carpe Diem School.