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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

On 24 June 2017 Carpe Diem School will be hosting its first ‘Onnerridak’ concert, made possible by Just Property George.  Jonty Hendrix and Wade, two local artists, will perform before the main attraction…Refentse!  Refentse recently won numerous awards, and his performance will warm many hearts this coming weekend.  Funds raised during this event will be allocated to cover the critical expenses of Carpe Diem School’s incontinent special needs learners. 


The “Onnerridak” event is another first for Carpe Diem School, and like all its popular fund raising events this event will also be unique.  It will start at 16:00 on 24 June with a hearty food and wine tasting.  Members of the public will be able to buy food and order wine for collection on the Monday.  ReedValley, situated in the heart of the Garden Route, will host an exceptional wine tasting experience.  Their wines are distinct as final blending is done right before bottling, once the wines have evolved to reveal their true character and complexities. The results are reds that are dark and spicy, yet elegant, and fresh and fruity whites.  Brand Republic will also have a number of great tasting wines available to taste and to order for delivery on the Monday. 


Funds raised during this event will be allocated to purchase nappies and catheters for learners who are incontinent.  A total of 20 000 nappies are used per year with a total cost of R100 000, a major expense for the school.  At Carpe Diem School, children from all over the Southern Cape (Riversdale, Albertinia, Mosselbaai, Hartenbos, Little Brak River, Great Brak River, George, Hoekwil, Sedgefield, Karatara, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, and the Cragg’s) receive specialised education.  The Garden Route community has always embraced Carpe Diem School and its learners, and this event will be no exception.

Tickets prices are R130 and R150 and are available at Carpe Diem School and Just Property George.  There will also be tickets available at the event.  For more information please contact headmaster Karools Hauptfleisch on 044- 874 4074 or email carpekarools@telkomsa.net.