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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Spoke-wheeled, sleek metal-clad Heroes on Wheels of the early and mid-1900s will once again invade George to occupy the PW Botha College grounds on 10 and 11 February for the 22nd George Old Car Show, proudly supported by Oakhurst Insurance Company.

This is probably the best old car show in South Africa and attracts cars from all over the country and even abroad. Some of these heroes were resurrected from the grave by being meticulously and painstakingly renovated in an unusually passionate way for months or even years until they were restored to their former glory.

The process included stripping, cleaning, painting, putting together and taking apart again, swearing, begging the bank manager for more money, giving the wife gifts to calm frail nerves, lots of coffee and stronger liquid refreshments, patience, until at last experiencing the joy of seeing it all come together and to hear the purr of the engine upon turning the key in the ignition.

And then these beauties roam the earth again, boasting the qualities and marvels of many decades ago, which are in stark contrast to the plastic and electronic brigade of today, where cars are built to last a few years before being crushed into a metre square of metal and plastic – just to be recycled into a plastic car again.

These heroes, dating back to the 1890s to 1970s, are classified as vintage, veteran and classic cars, come in all shapes and sizes depending on the available technology and especially what was fashionable at the time.

Some of these heroes have wooden spoke wheels, while others are fitted with steel rims of a very large diameter fitted with narrow, white-walled tyres; some have outrageously big wings fitted to resemble an airplane about to take off! The details are staggering and worth a closer look.

The heart of these heroes might consist of steel moving parts, fired with petrol and a bit of electricity, but deep within is a love towards the driver and the community at large. This year was no exception when, prior to the show, there was a drive through Thembalethu and Pacaltsdorp to hand out free entrance tickets to schools in the area in order to offer this unique experience to those not as privileged as others. By the same token, a large portion of the income generated by the show will be donated to charity organisations.

Oakhurst Insurance Company is on board for the third consecutive year. “We are extremely proud to be associated with this magnificent show, especially as we are its headline sponsor for the third consecutive year,” said Simon Phage, CEO of Oakhurst Insurance.

“We at Oakhurst Insurance are inspired by the sheer passion that the Southern Cape Old Car Club has for these splendid classic cars. Passion for motor vehicles is something we certainly share at Oakhurst Insurance which makes the announcement about our new Classic Car Cover product all the more special, not to mention our love for the entire George region and its people. We encourage everybody to show your support and join in the fun at this great family event.”

The show is presented by the Southern Cape Old Car Club and offers a fantastic exhibition of more than 900 old cars as well as some of the latest models, an auction of collectable cars, an exhibition of more than 5 000 model cars, arts and crafts, food stalls, a bar tent run by the Rotary for the benefit of Wilderness NSRI, and a secure children’s play area. Many prizes are to be won in lucky draws, especially on Sunday.

Visitors are requested to bring 5 litre containers of bottled water to the show for distribution in the drought-stricken Cape Town area. These containers must be placed at the information tent.

Contact Klaus Oellrich at 076 764 0897 for more information. Tickets can be purchased online at www.scocc.co.za