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Monday, December 18, 2017

The 16th annual Grootbrak Grabadoo promises to be another top-class mountain bike family fun event.  The challenging routes through epic Cape Pine forestry will be the same as the previous year.  To respect the Sunday activities of the Great Brak community, the event is taking place on 30 December 2017.

The Grootbrak Grabadoo is known for its challenging but stunning routes, some of which include steep hills.  For participants who gass out too quickly when climbing, here are 9 things you can do to help you climb better on your mountain bike:

* Pace your breathing. Race horses breathe in and out with every gallop;

* Get mental. Good climbing technique is often a mental game;

* Stay seated;

* Maintain a good cadence;

* Maintain momentum;

* Stiffen the fork and shocks;

* Stay well hydrated;

* Ride more often.

De Kaap Eiendomme, one of the local businesses, is an avid supporter of the Grootbrak Grabadoo.  De Kaap Eiendomme has been servicing the Great Brak River and surrounding areas, for more than 23 years. Their area stretches from Glentana to Little Brak River and farms and smallholdings as far as De Rust. 

The amazing people of De Dekke Spar have been supporting the Grootbrak Grabadoo since 2015.  They see to it that all the participants stay hydrated at the many water points.  The support of the local business community is priceless and the De Swardt family has been involved with the Grootbrak community for the past 23 years.  Owner Bertus de Swardt developed the building in 1995, opened De Dekke Spar in 2014 and continued to support the local community ever since.

WeFix Garden Route Mall partnered with the organisers to contribute to this stalwart in holiday events which attracts more than 1000 participants annually.  Owner, Bles de Wet, believes in the younger generation, and by participating in the Grootbrak Grabadoo for the 3rd year more young people will be motivated.  Bles has an eye for potential and with his business skills the Grootbrak Grabadoo can only benefit.

The routes for the 2017 Grootbrak Grabadoo are as follows – 15km @ R90; 36km @ R130; 53km @ R140; 71km @ R150.  Walkers enter @ R40 for the 4.8km walk.  The public will be able to enter at Coimbra Cycle House York street George, WeFix Garden Route Mall and De Kaap Properties in Lang street, Great Brak River or online at http//:www.onlines.co.za.

For information regarding accommodation visit www.visitmosselbay.co.za or www.greatbrakriver.co.za. For more information, please feel free to contact Mimi Finestone on 084 583 3144 Alewijn Dippenaar on 082 457 5675 or email mimi@gojipr.net or visit www.gojipr.net . Follow Great Brak Grabadoo on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Grabadoo For information regarding accommodation visit www.visitmosselbay.co.za or www.greatbrakriver.co.za .