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Public relations with vitality – Goji – the perfect antioxidant for a tired brand!

Contrary to popular belief, PR (public relations) is not the next evolutionary step in the politically correct accent of the secretary. Public relations is a specialised field – both analytical and creative – that deals mainly with the dissection of the available media channels at your disposal in order to create or find a gap for a specified product or service to garner the right media attention. To keep up with the relentless pace of progress, you, your business and your method of communicating to the universe, need bucket loads of drive. Your brand, whether a product or a service, is in constant need of revitalisation, a fresh new angle and a brilliance boost.

Goji is a company that gives clients a refreshing new look at PR, events and marketing communications. Much like the effervescent Goji Berry it derives its name from, the energetic team behind Goji offers brands the high octane energy jolt necessary to be relevant, current and interesting in an ever changing, ever evolving mass media marketplace.

The world is moving at an alarming tempo. Libraries, PC’s and telephone conversations have made way for the www, Wikipedia, FB, twitter and Blackberries – an all access pass in a matter of seconds. Because of an incredible supply of new and up to the minute news available every day, you really need to keep on your toes for the media to stay interested in what you have to offer.

Experience a good measure of vigour, packed with the creative juices of a team with a diverse range of expertise in the fields of PR, events, advertising and marketing, sure to provide any lacklustre brand with the zing necessary to become anything but a PR pariah. Clued up and plugged in to the newest trends and tricks in the industry, the team behind Goji are geared to put the “go” back into your business – going places with brand energy on the move.


Mimi and Pauline, you both were so positive, upbeat and invaluable to this event and it is not possible to quantify your contributions to the eventual success of the experience. I personally leant on you for a great number of things and you never disappointed. In fact, there were many times that you went the extra mile and that is a rare thing. 


- Pinnacle Point - The First Invitational

"Hi David
What a fabulous getaway for Alexi and I! We truly appreciated the invite and the hospitality. We were treated like kings and nothing was too much effort for anyone to do for us. Michelle and Mimi were great, the organisation precise, the golf a treat, the food and entertainment superb, the accommodation outstanding and of course the company was top-notch! We were spoilt rotten!
You are the host with the most!! Thank you so much.
Hope to see you in Jozi soon.
Joe Parker"
- Joe Parker on The Invitational at Pinnacle Point Estate

"Namens die erfenistoer reelings komtee wil ek net vir jou en Pauline baie dankie se vir jul bydrae tot die sukses van die toer. Die toer het meer aandag getrek as wat ons dink en was uitstekend bemark, verder dink ek het ons ook in ons doel geslaag om die oumotorskou op die voorvoet te plaas met die bemarkings aksie.
Best  Regards
Pierre Olivier"
- Heritage Tour

"Goeie middag Mimi

Vertrou dit gaan goed

Ons wil jou bedank vir die -weereens- groot suksesvolle bydra wat jy gelewer het voor en tydens die African Dream

Jys n ster en jou werk is fantasties


Pieter en Carin"
- Carin Jansen komplimenteer Gourmets & Gourmands

"Hello Mimi
Groot groot dankies aan jou! Ek weet eintlik nie eers waar om te begin nie. Dit is altyd lekker om saam met jou te werk.
Dankie dat jy my uitstalling gevat het en dit wat in my hart was net groter en mooier gemaak het. Dit was so lekker
om my werk met ander te kon deel en jy het dit net verder geneem as wat ek ooit sou kon. Daarvoor se ek baie dankie!
Vincent het geskryf: “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything”
Dit maak dit net makliker om “courage” te he as daar mense om en saam net jou is wat in jou glo!
Dankie uit my hart!
Die verf kwaste saam met die uitnodiging was awesome! "
- René Scribante

"I wish to compliment you on a fantastic event. It was obviously meticulously planned.
Congratulations and I know this business will go from strength to strength.
Regards ,
Tertius Dippenaar | Regional Manager | WesBank Corporate | "
- Master Cargo

"Many thanks for an awesome opening function of your new premises.
I could see that many hours of meticulous attention was carried out into making the evening a rousing success.
On behalf of the WesBank family, can I take this opportunity to firstly thank you for the invitations and then to wish you strength and great success.
WesBank Corporate is very proud to be associated with Master Cargo.
Best wishes and warm regards.
Derek Johnson : Sales Manager
WesBank Corporate : Coverage Team       "
- Master Cargo Event

"As expressed to you, we are ever appreciative of the continuing role you play in the Transnet Health Awareness Campaigns.  Beyond being a supplier, your efforts to constantly keep us abreast of new developments and willingness to share knowledge with us is something that not everyone will willingly do.  “Shamona Kandia,  Acting Portfolio Manager: Health, Transnet Foundation "
- Shamona Kandia - Transnet Foundation

"First let me take this opportunity to thank you all for pulling together as a team to ensure that people in the communities we serve receive the much needed services through the Health Awareness Campaigns.  I know it has not been easy and the tasks we have given you took almost a superhuman effort and much re-organisation on your part.  "
- Shamona Kandia - Transnet

"Hi mimi
Thank You very much for all your support and mentorship for the cancer awareness and screening campaign, I was privileged to have you as my mentor as you shared your knowledge unconditionally. I thank you for all your support! May you always be blessed!
Thank You.
Warm Regards
Sulosh Pillay(MS) ATP®
Director SKS Solutions "
- Sulosh Pillay

"Baie Baie dankie vir al die harde werk (en klippe kou) wat julle in gesit het met die Ekasi Kuier – dit was BAIE goed gedoen! "
- Denise van den Berg, SEDA (small enterprise development agency)

"Wow Mimi, this coverage is fantastic! Thanks a mill J "
- Gillian Pinks - Percheron: Media Agency for Nedbank

"Hello and Goodbye Mimi, I just wanted to congratulate you on a Fantastic Diaz Festivaal it was great, something for Everybody, Great Artists and a Fantastic Fireworks display on New Years Eve ! See you December 2012 !!! "
- Jackie Breed

"Mariki,..we loved working with you!!!! Your support is true PR professional!! "
- Karen B. Hoffman, President of the The Bradford Group in New York

"Hi Susan en Mimi Baie dankie vir ‘n wonderlike aand saam met julle en Rocco. Julle twee is besonderse vroue en ek is bevoorreg om van julle span deel te wees. Julle kan ‘n geleentheid bymekaar sit en dit met die wonderlikste gaste inkleur en met julle teenwoordigheid versier. Dit was in een word FANTASTIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
- Karools Hauptfleisch, Skoolhoof, CarpeDiem Roodt’s

"I hope that you had all that you needed from me with regards to the Gourmet and Gourmands evening. It seemed to me a huge success. Congrats to you and your team. "
- Kelvin Saunders Photographer

"It has been such a pleasure working with you for our fund raising events which were held on Saturday 8 October 2011 and the coverage you were able to provide us was truly awesome. Your involvement and support of our fund raising efforts has been fantastic and it is much appreciated. "
- Laura Theobald (Nedbank Business Banking)

"Dear Mimi, Just thought I would send a short note to say a 'big thank you' for the very successful festival that was held at Diaz Strand during December 2011. I particularly noticed all the 'pink 8ta beach balls' that the visitors were playing with and carrying with them around town. I also appreciate the fact that these balls were distributed in Kwa Nonqaba township and also in Great Brak River, that's really going to the people. All in all very successful and I hope that you can do the same again for 2012. "
- Marcia

"Mimi, this article and spread on Pinnacle Point/Nic looked really good in the newspaper – well done "
- Michelle Parsons

"Dear Mimi, Many thank for the kind words. Thank you for arranging everything from your side as well. A great collaboration! "
- Milissa Els on Dawie Roodt’s feMail event

"Hi Mimi. On behalf of my husband Paul and son Gregory, we would like to thank you for the organisation of an enjoyable Grabadoo race. They were initially very weary of the "hill" climb, but with that view it made the whole effort worthwhile - they both completed the 40km road race with relative ease! Do keep us informed of any other road races in your area in 2012. Fond greetings from Paarl "
- Paul, Greg and Veronica de Vries

"I would also like to thank you for all your efforts on the Facebook page, we are very happy with the results we are seeing from the page. It's been a pleasure working with you on this project.

Would you please prepare a contract for us as we would like to look at a long term project "
- Quintin de Wet - Associate Director of Sales and Marketing - Hyatt Regency Oubaai Golf Resort &

"I have been inundated by wonderful feedback on our second FeMail Breakfast - great comments regarding the speaker, ambience, food and style of the event.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you - especially Mimi and Milissa who pulled of yet another great event.  I know that this will yield great local press, excellent word of mouth marketing (which is so key) and a great platform for promotions. I am just sorry that I missed it!  Best wishes "
- Sandra

"Dankie Dankie Dankie, Dis Pragtig, Wonderlik, Lieflik! "
- Sandra Harris, Owner of the Rose & Upstairs

"The launch of Femail – the business forum initiative presented by Goji and the Hyatt for business women in the Garden Route - inspired Sandra Kneubuhler, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Hyatt Regency Oubaai Golf Resort & Spa, to proudly remark: 'I truly believe this forum will become a force to be reckoned with in George' "
- Sandra Kneubuhler

"Roche management just received a great report from Thabi regarding Goji’s assistance in setting a succesful campaign, thanks once again. "
- Sibusiso, Roche

"This serves to express our gratitude for the support received from Roche during the cancer and diabetic awareness campaign at Caledon. Once again the preparations with Sibu and Mimi laid a great foundation. The campaign went very well with minimal disruptions. Even though the numbers at the station were very low, were managed to reach more people through the outreach programme to the nearby farms. "
- Thabisile Makhaye, Health Clinic Manager, Transnet - Phelophepa HealthCare Train

"Goji made such dynamic changes to our Facebook page - we saw immediate results and had wonderful feedback from all. "
- Unknown Source

"Once again thank you soooo much for the event! Goji was super organised and you are a truly remarkable woman. "
- Themi Stergianos

"Dit was 'n ongelooflikke lekker aand, great sukses!  Julle het julle puik van jul taak gekwyt, julle kan werklik baie trots wees!”
Andries Hartman, premier sponsor of the 2013 Gourmets & Gourmands Event "
- Andries Hartman - Hartman Slaghuis

"Dear Mimi,
Again a glitzy extravaganza!
G & G was once again a happy and successful event.
Well done to you all!
Thanks for the Photo's !!!
Such happy memories ! We all look gorgeous!! (Hie hie) "
- The Rose and Upstairs - Sandra

"Dear Curtis, Peter, Carl, Nic, David, Jim, Fred & Mimi
Thank you all for your invaluable contributions to making Friday's Editor's Forum meeting an overwhelming success. I really think it was our best ever - both in terms of turnout, and of content. I found your presentations, Curtis and Peter, beyond exciting, and I really appreciate that you took time to put them together, and that you let us visit the excavations. 
Thank you to the Pinnacle Point Team for your hospitality, a wonderful breakfast, and the use of your venue. And thank you, Mimi, for coming up with the idea, and making the whole thing happen. 

I'm busy preparing the videos for uploading to YouTube, but I';m struggling with them for some reason - I'm not the world's greatest techie. However, of course I'll send you all the links when they're live. Thanks again and best
- Martin Hatchuel