Public Relations

Mimi Finestone - Director


“I suspect that I have the privilege to be a natural networker. There is great satisfaction in being creative, watching a team come together to create something as unique and interesting as each client we work with, as well as to see how each member of the network comes into their own in order to answer a client's needs in a fresh way. ”

On Presentation

I absolutely thrive on firsts. In each project or campaign it is amazing to be part of a team of diverse talents and personalities. I have realised that the more varied the team, the greater the chance that the end product turns out to wow and inspire both the team and the client. With the Internet having revolutionised the way we communicate and spread knowledge, the challenge is always to create and come up with new and innovative ways to talk to the world and for your target market to especially (and specifically) notice your efforts. I only work with passionate people and I believe that I am fortunate to have a well of ardent creatives to choose from. I am so thankful in the knowledge that, when it comes to crunch time, nobody waves a white flag and gives up – we’re in it until we win it.


To pay attention to detail has never been my strong suit. That is why a team is so integrally important, because although detail is crucial, having a view of the bigger picture has an equally significant role to play in order to give the necessary perspective on a project or campaign.I guess my worst experience would be doing something for the second time when there is no scope for revamping or adding additional elements to build the event. That is frustrating if you are already wearing the “been there, and done that” t-shirt and thrive on creativity of renewal. I am also the tiniest bit impatient when things do not seem to be going at a fast enough pace.The Journey of Hope will remain my best and worst experience in the industry. I see it as an emphatic victory for the cause as it was wonderful to see how communities teamed together on various levels to take part and effect real change. But it was a heartfelt sorrow when our journeys parted because of the destructive role egos played in the event’s management team, with the event becoming more about the people than the cause.Experiences are the essential vitamins of life. You can live without them, but by taking them in, you open yourself to more energy, more vitality and more go!

Pauline Cloete - Project Administrator


The best way to describe ‘New kid on the block’ Pauline is ROCKET FUEL. Her energy levels are astonishing and without a doubt contagious.

She may be young, but already Pauline has a working record which bears witness of her pure work ethics and determination to be the best is everything she commits to.  As scholar and student Pauline took the lead in every project she got involved in and contributed greatly to the group dynamics…a skill she still implements today.

Pauline shows great heart for the less fortunate and initiated remarkable projects of upliftment and up-cycling which will serve the communities where they were implemented for years to come.

The Goji Team is excited to have Pauline on board.  Her organisational skills and natural ability to complete projects with vigour will be of immense value.

Alewijn Dippenaar


Alewijn Dippenaar is not only one of Interface by Goji’s collaborators, but also its secret weapon. With a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips and decades of experience to call on, he is undoubtedly the ultimate human resource.

As founder and owner of Ocatagonal Decelopment, Alewijn has worked in the public and private sector across multiple and diverse communities for years facilitating conferences, hosting seminars and presenting training workshops to, for instance formulate strategy and policy for local government functioning. His work has taken him all over with a variety of projects like Milanje, Mozambique where he lead a team tasked to establish an educational and agricultural project. He was also instrumental in setting up international sister city relationships between Malmesbury (South Africa) and Malmesbury (England), Markendal and Porterville, Velddrif and Wortegem to name a few.

An expert in conflict resolution, he has mediated disputes on behalf of the Natal Ebhodwe Regional Services Council and was the chief negotiator when New Clicks Holdings wanted to purchase a 52% stake in the Link Pharmacy brand at a time when only pharmacists could own pharmacies.

Alewijn’s thirst for knowledge saw him study around the world This allowed him to gain a broader perspective on life’s questions, affording him unique insight with which to handle the problems, challenges and conflict. It also inspired him to focus even more on development, policy and the cultural components surrounding different communities in Southern Africa. He studied in the fields of Marketing Management, Economics, Consumer Behaviour, Labour Law, HR Management, Social Work, Personnel and Industrial Psychology. He confronts challenges from a variety of different angles, which makes him an invaluable asset on any creative team.

A nature lover and at home in the saddle of his mountain bike, he offers an insightful and fresh perspective on the world of business. This man is a public relations goldmine.

Este Coetzee – PR Intern


Newest addition to the Goji team, Esté Coetzee, describes the past months as an intern with Interface by Goji as a whirlwind introduction to the world of PR. She loves being in direct contact with clients and the media and hopes to progress fast and develop essential PR and marketing skills.

So far her internship has been an invaluable professional experience. It has not only taught her a lot, but it also proved to Este that she made the right career choice. Previously she classified herself as a “PR enthusiast”. Now, with an internship almost under her belt, she’d like to call herself an “aspiring PR professional”.

Take your workload one step further by beginning to understand why you are doing this for a client, not just what needs to be done. At Interface by Goji this is a passion and understanding your clients’ needs is priority.

I am privileged to be part of such an extraordinary and successful company. “It is such a great experience. Studying is a breeze compared to a live PR environment”. Working with such an amazing team is much more than what I was expecting.